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Voice mail

Available on Elite plan

Let Trudi® take a message when someone calls

Too busy answering the phone to get anything done? Have Trudi® take a voicemail message to keep you focused throughout the day. 

Voicemail messages as tasks with Trudi®

Voicemail messages are transcribed to text and sent straight to your inbox

Each message is assigned to the correct contact and labeled as a new message for you to deal with when it suits. 

AI delivers Voicemail to inbox Voicemail with Trudi®
Voicemail captured by AI on a mobile device. Discover Trudi®, AI powered property management software

Dedicated company voicemail number

We’ll provide a unique company voicemail number, You can even pick a local area code that your customers will recognize. 

Expediting enquiries that matter

Trudi® flags urgent enquiries and distributes emergency contacts for calls made out of hours.

Voicemail messages as tasks with Trudi®

Voicemail is available to our Elite customers

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