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Coming to Pro and Elite plans

Built to handle incoming and outgoing calls

Because sometimes it’s easier to pick up the phone.

Phone contacts from your inbox

All outgoing call attempts, whether answered or not, are logged for your records in each conversation thread.

Call logs with Trudi®
AI creates call transcripts with Trudi®

Every phone call transcribed for your records

Placing calls through the Trudi® platform ensures that every phone call is transcribed into text and saved as a PDF for your records.

Video calls to reduce on-site visits

The Trudi® Tenant app has a built-in video call feature to let you check on maintenance without leaving your desk. Take screenshots and screencasts directly from your video call to pass onto suppliers.

A video call. Discover Trudi®, AI powered property management software
Voicemail automation with Trudi®

Divert incoming calls​

Too busy answering the phone to get anything done? Have Trudi® take a voicemail message to keep you focused throughout the day. Voicemails are transcribed to text and appear in your inbox as a new message for you to deal with when it suits.

Calls, call logs and transcripts
to our Pro and Elite customers.

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